The #1 Reason You Need A Sustainable Community In 2013

I grew up with the idea that one day I could make a difference in the world.

Through volunteering, I tasted what it’s like to impact a cause.  I even graduated college after studying environmental sustainability and learning all the technical ways we would need to save the world.  It was a good start, but I was not seeing many signs in my daily life that the world was getting any better.

This year, after charting 30 revolutions on this planet that we share, I can tell you the #1 reason you need a sustainable community in 2013 is: YOU WILL make a difference.

The practical domain in which we can effectively create a sustainable way of life is our local community… Only by working together can we create a coherently sustainable community out of the fragmented entropy we have inherited.


Institutions, corporations, governments, religions, businesses, even organizations, require multitudes of people and periods of time in order to make a change.   However, your presence and existence in your community is immediate, instantaneous and inescapable.  The actions you take within your community are in “real time”, so there’s no faster way to make a difference and contribute to sustainability than to act within your community.

Of course there are worthy large-scale causes and entities to be aligned with in support of sustainability. But the focus of this blog begins on a smaller scale, starting with you the reader – because it’s you who will make all the difference in building your sustainable community in 2013.  What are you waiting for, let’s get started!